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I’ve been hacked :)

Oops, Artie accidentally uploaded his post to my blog instead of his own. So now you know what you are missing when you skip his. Also, now I don’t have to tell you what we’ve been doing for the last two days.

It is so amazingly beautiful here, like “out of a storybook” type of beautiful! LOOK!

The view from the upper deck!


Right to work in Villamayor de Monjardin

We have been here at the Albergue (hostel) for a couple of days, and it was right to work!  Which has been great, if a bit exhausting.  We have our own room in the attic of a big old house with a maze of rooms that we are still finding our way around in.  Days start for the breakfast shift person at 6 am, and that is usually one of us or the other on the schedule, so both end up awake as the other one clatters around the room on the hard floor trying to find clothes, etc to get ready to go downstairs to the kitchen/dining room!  The night ends around 10:30 (last night 11 PM) for the person on the schedule who has lock up duties (and who wakes up their partner coming in to the room trying to get out of clothes and find their toothbrush to get ready for bed!)

"Completo means full!"The entrance to the Albergue.  “Completo” means “full”, which we have been both days we have been here so far.

from the entrance of the Albergue looking out over the hills of the Spanish Navarre region

Some of the pilgrims waiting to register at the Albergue.  There were two hostels in this tiny village, but the other one had it’s roof collapse during the winter, so we are the only one within 12 kilometers.  It has been heartbreaking to turn some pilgrims away the last two days, they arrive so tired after walking all day and must press on to Los Arcos.  We offer to call a taxi for them.  Some have elected to just sleep outside.  We have extended our capacity to the breaking point by adding some spare mattresses to whatever floor space we can find.

It is amazing to be here when I stop to think about it.  We are serving with a Christian ministry called Oasis, based out of the Netherlands.  We had never met anyone in this group, never even talked to them on the phone.  We found them on the internet during our own walk on the Camino de Santiago last October, wrote to them, filled out applications and emailed them back, were accepted, and just showed up not knowing totally what to expect.  But it is absolutely great to be here, serving pilgrims, getting to know the wonderful staff, feeling God’s pleasure and approval as we go about our work day cooking, cleaning, and serving.   More details later…

from the window of the dining room.

Goodbye Pamplona

We spent 3 sleeps in Pamplona. Nothing especially interesting happened. We slept a lot, walked around town, found food to eat, and took some pictures. Here are some of them. 

St Francis, my favorite one. Saint, I mean.

Cool looking building, huh.

Pamplona, the City where "they" run with the bulls.

...and Artie wrestles them into submission

...and I ignore them

I I ate red peppers stuffed with fish. Aren’t they beautiful?

Artie had flan with caramel and ice cream for dessert...

...but mine was better, because it was chocolate.

Last One. The Cathedral of Pamplona.

Pamplona, Spain

Too tired to say anything… zzzzzz

Ahhh, Spain

The New Journey Has Begun

Oh My Goodness.

New York City with Carly and Eric!

Carly and Eric

Central Park

More Central Park

Breakfast Stop

Times Square

So, we landed Sunday at 5:15 PM. Took the tram, the train, the subway, walked a block and arrived at Carly and Eric’s apartment at 7:15 PM.  Settled in and then took a cab (take a cab in New York, I’ve always wanted to do that) to a vegan restaurant, ate dinner and two days later I’m still full.

Monday we walked all over Manhattan.


This is the view from the restroom at The Standard. I kid you not!

My Personal Restroom

When when I say, “view from the restroom”, I mean you actually SIT ON THE POT and look out at the city. That was fun. 🙂

Thanks Carly and Eric!

Good Bye New York!

Next stop Madrid.

After Spain

Israel: where home will be May through August.

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10 Day Count Down

Usually I like to talk about stuff after it happens, but for you curious types click here to see where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing for most of the month of April.

Since we are now “experts” and official pilgrims of the Camino, as the above document with my name in bold letters verifies, we will now attempt to help others along the way by volunteering at Oasis Trails hostel.

P.S. I cried when they gave this to me.

(I know these pictures are blurry, but they’re in Spanish so you probably wouldn’t be reading them anyway, right?)

The stamps in this “passport” prove the places I walked to on my way to Santiago de Compostela. Now we will be the ones stamping other pilgrims passports. Telling you about it is making me get excited about starting. 🙂

This is what it looks like… You should try it! 🙂

This was my favorite place.

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Packing Again

On April 10, Artie and I will be boarding a plane and leaving the country again.

Just thought I’d let you know so that you would find out that I have a new blog site. I’ve ditched blogger because the pictures turned blurry.

Let’s see how WordPress does…

Pretty cute, huh.